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Nursing Home Support / Consulting Firms for Nursing Homes

The Care Industry including Nursing Homes and Care Homes have struggled with underfunding for many years. Economy of scale means the large cooperate providers have always benefited from the advantages this can bring. They have been able to provide cost effective support services to their homes in various ways, whether that be back office functions, HR advice, training schemes or group purchasing.

The smaller providers have always had to try and deal with every function of care home life by themselves and no one person can have the answer to every dilemma. This is where consultancy specialists come into their own. Swift Management Services primary function is to support the smaller care provider.

Many of our clients call us when there is a problem which needs to be fixed but do not always take advantage of the services we can offer on a long term basis. Whether you own or manage a care home or work in the most junior role within one, we all entered this industry to improve the lives of the people we care for. It is not just about the money, after all there are far more profitable businesses to be in.

When providers look at client based outcomes, they will automatically improve their ratings with the regulators, profitability, staff morale, reputation and occupancy. Coupling these automatic improvements with systems and service reviews, a consultancy can offer so much more to a client than simply crisis management. In essence we are suggesting that we avoid the crisis in the first place.

Our dedicated team offer packages of sustained support to clients to see them through the good times as well as the more challenging times.

One of the best ways to test the temperature of an organisation if to hear the feed back those who work in the service or those who use the service. Many people are reticent to say what they actually think about their employer or the care home that looks after a loved one, when the survey is internal. Therefore using the services of a consultancy firm such as Swift Management services who can manager the entire process for you, can give you real insight into your organisation. We can then assist you to respond to the findings, produce an action plan and move forward.

A Care Home/Nursing Home consultant can quick appriase a care home or nursing home, and plan with the provider and manager a way forward. With the support and monitoring a Care Home Consultancy can provide, a level of transparency and comfort can be achieved with the provider the consultant regulators and local authorities.

We read many inspection reports from across the 3 regulators in the UK and often the same comments are made “the manager is not supported” the “governance processes are lacking” all of this can be managed by an outsourced consultancy firm such as Swift Management Services leaving the care home owner/provider to manage their business and grow their operation.

At Swift Management Services we can tailor make a package of support to suite the situation or the pocket of the provide to ensure that we focus on what is important and you see real value for money.

We can provide a number of services which are provided by true experts in their field and using a consultancy firm as opposed to an independent consultant, you get a real team approach. As a small provider before you consider employing someone to undertake an operational role, we would encourage you to consider consultancy, you may find you do not need a full time person and the use of a consultancy company could be more cost effective.

Swift Management Services can support you to a positive outcome in the Well Led category by providing you with good governance and transparency with the regulators, as we can assist in the operational side of your business.

Over 50% of our consultants are Registered Nurses and all our consultants are experienced in Care and Nursing Home Management. We work as a team and whilst a care home may have one consultant they see regularly, the team are behind them and able to respond if assistance is required.

Swift Management Service are able to work with providers at every level of care home management and our aim is to be as cost effective as possible. We are able to manage issues at every level from finance, assisting in budget planning, benchmarking budgets and fee negotiation, and supply chain procurement negotiations. This coupled with the wealth of Care and Nursing Home operational expertise can make for a real value for money service.

Many of our providers view their regulatory inspection as something of a threat, we are able to work with Registered Managers and staff to ensure they understand the Key Lines of Enquiry and how they can use evidence to the best advantage, this takes the sting out of an inspection. To do this we offer a twelve-month package of support. This provides evidence of good governance and structured manager support, along with evidence of service improvement and sustainable growth.

Because we recognise that consultants can really make a difference, we have put together a package of support which will help any small provider whilst keeping the cost as low as possible, to demonstrate the real value Swift Management Services can bring. It can be added to if providers want additional services and ad-hoc services can be arranged to suit individual circumstances.

From as little as £295 per month + VAT (payable by direct debit) we can offer our basic package of support based on a 12 month programme including:

  • 6 X Managers Supervisions.
  • Dedicated Care Consultant.
  • Access to our experienced team of Consultants when a specific issue needs a specific specialist.
  • A tailored Service plan using our proven system.
  • 6 X Support visits to review progress and provide a governance report.
  • 1 X Unannounced KLOE inspection.
  • Unlimited Telephone and Email Support.
  • Access to all the information relating to your home on our server.
  • Assistance with policy writing and review.
  • 15% discount on all other Swift Management Services throughout the year.

This package of support is designed to enhance any service, plus provide the governance detail that goes towards your “Well Led” Rating.

When providers look at client based outcomes, they will automatically improve their ratings with the regulators, profitability, staff morale, reputation and occupancy. Coupling these automatic improvements with systems and service reviews, a consultancy can offer so much more to a client than simply crisis management.

We are suggesting that we avoid the crisis and ensure that your business goes from strength to strength.

Our clients have already benefitted in many ways from our services, including:

  • Increasing Inspection Ratings
  • Increased occupancy
  • Client Fee Reviews
  • Crisis and Interim Management
  • Support at Regulatory or Local Authority Meetings
  • Registration support for new businesses
  • Staff and Resident Satisfaction Surveys
  • Bespoke Policies and Procedures

As a provider you need to be constantly monitoring and building your business, this package gives you the reassurance that your business is moving in the right direction and there are no surprises around the corner.

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