Ambulance Services

A private ambulance service can be required to hold various registration categories, and work in different areas from Patient Transport to Emergency Care. We understand that compliance can be a challenge.

Ambulance Services

Governance and Risk Management are key to a good inspection. Our experienced team are able to support your service, reviewing policies and procedures and provide comprehensive audits to the board enhancing your governance. We are able to assist your management and administration team on a practical level and we work in partnership with you to keep on top all year round with our retained services.

Clinical Governance Process

The process of excellent clinical governance can be daunting for teams working within a private ambulance service, as it encompasses so many different elements; some of which may be used infrequently. Our team are able to review clinical governance processes and provide practical advice and guidance to support a team to improve systems. If necessary we are able to provide a consultant to work with your team to implement new systems and practices.

With the CQC’s new Single Framework Inspection process more than ever excellent clinical governance is high on the agenda not only from a well led perspective but also to ensure patient receive the best possible care and treatment.

Our Clinical Governance lead consultant has over 30 years’ experience working in executive roles specialising in Clinical Governance and is happy to discuss how we can support you. The hands on approach Swift Management have to our clinical governance reviews means a private ambulance service can arrange as much or as litle support they need to review and maintain excellent governance systems.

Our review report can also be used as evidence of good practice at the time of your next CQC inspection.

We offer private ambulance services registered with CQC assistance with new registrations, mock inspections, bespoke policies, crisis management, regulatory support and staff and service user engagement surveys.

Implementation of Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF)

The Patient Safety Incident Response Framework is an intrinsic element of compliance for private ambulance services who are contracting with Integrated Care Boards (ICB’s) and it is essential that the processes are understood and implemented.

Whilst PSIRF has simplified many processes, not all l providers of private ambulance services work with the system every day. This means when a patient safety incident does occur they may not be as familiar as they could be with the processes.

Our Clinical Governance lead consultant is able to assist providers commissioned by the NHS to establish and implement the core elements of PSIRF and will support the service by completing investigations and compiling investigation reports and root cause analysis documents as required.

Service Improvement Plans and Departmental Service Improvement Plans

Service Improvement Plans are an intrinsic part of the new single framework inspection process. The use of live plans can help to demonstrate a well-led and effective service.

The building of Service Improvement plans and using them on a daily basis takes both skill and time. We appreciate that time is not always possible in busy departments.

We assist Private Ambulance Services to establish and maintain detailed service improvement plans. We can provide a tried and tested template for you to use, or we can help you develop and maintain your own system whichever works best for you.

Many of our clients find regular reviews of the Service Improvement plan in the form of coaching sessions really helps to ensure the document is live and up to date.

If you are finding navigating the work of Service Improvement plans daunting or you simple never find the time to keep them up to date we can help. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a plan just for you.

Mock Inspections for Private Ambulance Services

We appreciate that many services are multifaceted, and we know that a good rating helps to give confidence to patients and commissioners alike. We conduct Mock Inspections of the service and provided an overarching inspection report but also specialism inspection reports, meaning your team can focus on the issues they need to. Our reports examine all elements of the Single Framework Inspection process to ensure you are ready for your next CQC inspection.

Our reports include a recommended action plan which identifies and provides advice on regulatory non conformances and also best practice recommendations to help you polish your service.

For more information on our mock inspection process visit: Mock CQC Inspections Services – Swift Management Services.

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