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The management and practice within a nursing home should create and maintain a caring stimulating atmosphere where people are safe, listened to and feel at Home.

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The use of the teams Care Home or Residential Home, Nursing Home or Care Home with nursing are often used to describe a number of different establishments all providing long term care.

A Care Home or Residential Home provides “Social Care” to residents of varying ages dependent upon registration. This means that whilst staff are able to support residents with activities to support their daily lives there is no requirement of a nurse to provide care on a regular basis and any nursing that is required can be provided by the District Nursing Service.

A Nursing Home or a Care Home with Nursing is largely the same as above with the exception that all the residents within the home require input for a registered nurse on a regular basis, that cannot be provided by a visiting district nurse.

The team at Swift Management have a number of consultants experienced in both types of home. We are able to provide assistance with regulatory issues, support managers, provide bespoke policies and procedures as well as provide support services like KLOE inspections and Service Specific Action plans.

Interim management has been a speciality of Swift Management Services within Care and Nursing Homes for a long time. We have two consultants that concentrate almost exclusively on Interim Management.

The purpose of our interim management team is to supply a manager to a care home at very short notice to ensure continuity of service or service improvement. Often this is deemed as necessary by a provider if the service is not performing to it’s optimum or it is proving harder than anticipated to recruit a manager in a timely fashion.

The use of interim managers is often underestimated. CQC have long stated that a home is only as good as the manager. Many operators see a deterioration in service when a manager leaves. This is for many reasons not least staff morale.

An experienced interim manager, can quickly make an impact on any home, assessing the situation and moving to resolve the issues in a planned open and transparent manner because the team at Swift Management Services work collaboratively using established methods. The interim manager has a team behind them to call on if required. They use the same documentation and action plans as we use throughout the organisation making team working even easier when required.

Our interim managers also provide a seamless bridge between the outgoing and incoming registered manager. Many smaller providers do not have the luxury of peripatetic managers or area managers to step into a void. This often results in a new manager being on a voyage of discovery. This can mean they take longer to settle into the organisation, or they quickly become despondent. Having an interim manager that can induct and handover can make all the difference and because our team offers free telephone and email advice to our customers they always have someone to call upon in the first few weeks of their new post when they need some advice or to find out how something works or who to contact.

When a provider engages Swift Management Services, they get automatic access to our server, so that they can find anything the Swift team has done as part of their work with that provider, this means that a new manager has as much information as possible to work from.

We aim to provide a local interim manager to a providers site; this means we use both Staff Consultants and Associate Consultants which have a tried and tested track recorded. They are in turn supported by one of our senior consultants that have oversight into all our projects.

Our interim managers can be employed at short notice as they all have DBS checks available and can be employed on a full or part time basis for a minimum term of two weeks but for as long as is required.

Swift Management Services have vast experience in interim Care Home and Nursing Home Management and whilst there is no replacement for a long term manager in a service our Interim managers give comfort to regulators and local authorities to ensure that business works as usual.

When you combine our usual care home support packages with an Interim Care Home manager when the need arises, you truly have a seamless service which will help any home in transition whether that is for a short or medium term placement.


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