Staff and Service User Engagement Surveys

Understanding what people think of your business can really 
make a difference

Understanding what people think of your business can really make a difference

Monitor Success

Plan Changes

Improve Ratings

Focus on what people think to grow your success.

You want to provide the best possible service you can, after all that is why you are working in a health or social care setting. Continual improvement is vital to keep you ahead of the competition. Understanding what your clients and stakeholders are looking for is essential for business growth and sustainability.

Involving those who use your service in the development and management of the service is viewed by CQC as key and can impact on the key questions of Responsive, Effective and Well-Led.

Finding out what your clients and stakeholders think can be of great value.

Why an external report is best.

Internal Audits can help, but they can be seen as biased, and if people have a real concern they might not want to tell you. The Swift Management engagement surveys are totally confidential, and the report you will receive is anonymous. This encourages people to be honest, which is after all what you need.

Our engagement surveys can be personalised to capture the information you are looking for, we can also benchmark the results against industry standards. We can provide both digital and paper based surveys depending on how your clients and stakeholders are likely to respond best.

Arranging a survey is easy.

Call and
discuss your


Agree the

Analyse &
publish the

Agree the


We will provide you with a report at the close of the survey presented in a jargon free easy to read format, so that you can take any required action.

Stay ahead, Stay focused and consider what your clients and staff feel when moving forward. Word of mouth is the best recommendation and by listening to your stakeholders, you can bring the word of mouth to the forefront of your marketing campaign.

Publishing the results of your survey alongside the CQC widget on your website, can add a different dimension to your inspection report.