Retained Consultancy Services

When your business needs an area manager but you cannot
justify a full time member of staff.

When your business needs an area manager but you cannot justify a full time member of staff.

Retained Consultancy Services for the smaller
provider who would like the support of an area
manager but simply cannot justify employing a full
time person at the current time.

If you are a small provider with 6 or less services, appointing an area manager to support the services is likely to be cost prohibitive. Supporting a service, building your business and ensuring regulatory compliance can be very time consuming.

If you feel that additional cost effective support is needed but simply cannot justify the financial commitment needed to appoint a area manager the Swift Manager Retained Consultancy Service could just help you reassure yourself from as little as £435 per month +VAT (payable by direct debit) per service

Per year this package includes:

6 X Managers Supervisions.

Dedicated Care Consultant.

Access to our experienced team of Consultants when a specific issue needs a specific specialist.

A tailored Service improvement plan using our proven system.

6 X Support visits to review progress and provide a governance report.

1 X Unannounced Mock KLOE inspection.

Unlimited Telephone and Email Support.

Access to all the information relating to your home on our server.

Retained Consultancy Services

Enhance your service and demonstrate great governance too.

This package of support is designed to enhance any service, plus provide the governance detail that goes towards your “Well Led” Rating.

When providers look at client based outcomes they will automatically improve their ratings with the regulators, profitability, staff morale, reputation and occupancy. Coupling these automatic improvements with systems and service reviews, a consultancy can offer so much more to a client on an ongoing basis, and your team do not worry about using the service as the cost is controlled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide smaller operators with the same support services as larger companies would provide to support their registered managers this includes regular support visits, managers supervision, 24 hour advice and access to our servers which contains a wealth of information.

Our retained service is provided on a twelve month contract basis.

We aim to keep the cost of our retained service as low as possible, the use of direct debit means there is less time spend on administration which helps us keeps the costs lower.

Yes in most cases homes in one group work in the same way, therefore some of the services will be shared and as such we can apply a cost and volume reduction. This is considered on a case by case basis.

We can commence a retained service as soon as you wish, however we require a signed service level agreement and a direct debit mandate to be completed. We will send both documents out within 24 hours and then it is dependent upon receipt. You will receive your first support visit within a week of the agreement commencing.

As a retained client you will have a consultant allocated to your service. Our consultants may recommended that a colleague attend for a visit, where a specific area of expertise is required.  We aim for consistency and you will have the contact details for that specific consultant. The 24 hour on-call service is provided on a rota basis. All our consultant on call have access to your records whist on call to ensure the advice that is given is appropriate to your service.