Care Home Engagement Surveys can help more than you think!

How Prepared are you for Covid

As the lockdown eases, the care home industry will be looking forward to returning to normal. Engagement Surveys can help this process in a number of ways.

There will have been lessons learned in so many aspects of care home life during the lockdown and it is a real opportunity to demonstrate that the provider has good levels of governance in place and lessons have been learned and acted upon for the future.

Another aspect of Engagement Surveys from an external provider can be the validation of the services you provide to both the public and the regulators.

Many care home providers who were expecting the regulators to call, due to inadequate rating being awarded within the last six months, will have worked extremely hard to make service improvements. Given that the regulators are not maintaining their usual inspection regime, if an inadequate rated home has complied with the notice of decision issued by the regulator, they are unlikely to have had a revisit. This will impact on the published rating and this is likely to impact on referrals.

Using engagement survey results to demonstrate satisfaction and service improvement can be an invaluable way to demonstrate a responsive and well-led service. The results can be published on your website to counterbalance a regulatory report or indeed confirm a great report.

Swift Management Services offer both Resident and Relative and Employee engagement surveys and the subsequent report to the provider is anonymised, the data is benchmarked year on year and can be benchmarked against industry standards. We provide templates for actions from surveys. Our team can further assist with advice to complete action plans and keep your teams informed if required.

Our engagement surveys can be digital, or paper-based, and all reports are presented in an easy to understand PDF document which is easily adapted for use on your own web pages or printed as required.

We are able to offer “Off the Shelf” surveys and we are also able to provide bespoke surveys as required.

Many Care Home Providers use internal staff and resident surveys and may consider an external survey as an extravagance, this is most certainly not the case. We have found staff to be more open and truthful in an external survey as the anonymity aspect gives more confidence.

The public and the regulators take more comfort from a survey that has been managed externally as the results are collated externally from the company.

The results are presented in an easy to understand format which enables the participants and the readers to see that comments have been taken on-board and action if required has or is being taken. An external engagement survey can be a really valuable tool for any care home operator.

As a provider there is a need to be constantly monitoring and building your business, our engagement packages gives you the reassurance that your business is moving in the right direction and there are no surprises around the corner.

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