Care Home Interim Management Support Methods.

Being an interim manager of a care home is a highly rewarding and challenging role.  Very often we are asked to support a home because it is in crisis, with either the manager absent or because the service has received an adverse inspection report and significant and sustained changes are required.

All of our interim managers have extensive experience of working in a regulated environment, including care homes, and are familiar with both smaller and larger services.  When you have an interim manager from Swift Management Services Limited you can be assured that the person assigned to you will have the necessary skills to review and make recommendations for improvements to your service. Our interim manager will start by listening to the concerns you may have the and the goals that you want to achieve and will then develop a service improvement plan with clear outputs, approach, and timescales for each identified action, so that in real time you can monitor progress.

We operate a 100% transparent approach and will keep your regulator and local commissioners informed on a regular basis, so that they have confidence in the service and communication is maintained with them in the absence of an appointed manager. This helps build and maintain relationships and trust. We not only tell them when things go wrong, but also when achievements happen. We will make recommendations as to service changes if required and ensure that all parties are in agreement and that the proposed action is appropriate. All of our interim managers are experienced in delivering sustainable change programmes to ensure that when their assignment concludes the service moves forward with continual improvement.

Our managers are available to work day, evening, night, weekday and weekends to ensure that all areas of your service are supported and understood.  Because Swift Management Services Limited are a team, our interim managers can draw upon a wide range of experiences and support from their colleagues who may have particular expertise in an identified area.  We find the team approach of particular value for a service experiencing a crisis as we can rapidly effect change using a joint approach, supporting your staff throughout.

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