Mock Inspections – Locating the Evidence

During a Mock Inspection carried out by Swift Management Services Limited, our expert consultants will follow the standards identified by the Care Quality Commission (England), the Care Inspectorate (Scotland) or Care Inspectorate (Wales). We draw upon our experience and knowledge to ensure that our review is comprehensive and proportionate to your service.

We will conduct an announced audit planned with you for a suitable time or provide an unannounced audit. Depending on your requirements, we will focus on a particular aspect at your request or report on all the KLOE’s related to your care service.

Our consultants will review a wide range of policies & procedures, ensuring that they reflect the latest guidance or requirements. We review care documentation to ensure that you capture an appropriate level of detail and that the care delivery matches the care plan. The correlation between documentation and policies is vital for a well-led service. Therefore, we link both reviews together and review other records, recruitment files, etc.  The physical environment is inspected for any areas of concern, alongside observation of care delivery to ensure that the people in your care are receiving safe, effective and responsive care.

We will, if possible, attend staff meetings, resident’ and relative’ meetings to understand the different perspectives of care delivery and care experience.

We produce a comprehensive report of our findings against each of the reviewed standards, which is cross referenced to the source of evidence. We aim to seek out good practices so that you can showcase your service and identify areas for improvement. As every day is different in a care service, our inspection may not precisely match the inspector’s findings on the day. However, our report will give an indicative rating to support the inspection process.

We will also produce an action plan with clearly agreed objectives, responsibilities, and timescales to address any areas of concern identified during the review. As a provider, you can use this action plan to demonstrate to the regulator that the service is continuously improving.

All of our consultants are experienced, having previously worked as Registered Managers in various settings, fully insured, DBS checked and aware of all relevant infection control measures required to keep people safe.