New Registrations – The pitfalls!

The Swift Management Team are often contacted by new entrants into the health and social care market due to issues with their registration application. Quite rightly the regulators want to assure themselves that new entrants have the skills, knowledge, and experience to operative a regulated service.

It is vital that the application, statement of purpose and the registration category you wish to apply for are correct. In many cases the information provided simply does not correlate. This raises concerns and often potential providers have their registration turned down based on the application submission without an inspection even taking place.

To avoid a rejection at the first hurdle:

  • Ensure you are applying for the right category of registration, ensure that the team you propose to run the service are trained and experience in that area of care.
  • Write a clear statement of purpose, setting out what you can provide and who will be responsible. Ensure that your application and your statement of purpose contain the same information.
  • When including supporting documents, such as policies and procedures, ensure that they are correct for the service you wish to apply to register, it is not one size fits all.
  • Also remember that some categories for registration have different requirements and, in some cases, you will require local authority approval and support.

The Swift Management team can provide assistance to new entrants to ensure that an application is appropriate for submission, and you will not fail at the first hurdle. We are also able to assist in setting up your systems to support the service to ensure that all aspects of good governance are identified. It is also vital that your service is good to go on the date of the registration visit and our team can help ensure that you have covered all the bases before your registration inspection.

Once registered you may wish to consider our retained services to help you through that important first year and into the future