Provider Update May 2022

After a long journey delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are delighted to celebrate the success of our client Fouracres Care Services.

Following changes to the Care Quality Commission inspection framework resulting from the pandemic, inspections now take place based on an assessment of risk. The commission relies upon information gathered from various sources and feedback from local authorities. The inspections are usually focused; however, in some instances, these can be rapidly changed to comprehensive reviews, depending on the inspectors’ findings when on site. The change in inspection methodology means good governance and complete and up to date action plans put in place by providers can make all the difference to the inspection outcome. Providing data to an inspector at regular intervals gives reassurance and demonstrates transparency.


Mock Inspection reports, Resident and Staff surveys, and governance reviews are valuable tools that feed into an action plan to show an inspector that managers and providers alike understand the issues in a home and manage them proactively. We have seen positive outcomes for providers when inspectors are provided with information in this way. In some cases, it has stimulated an inspection to increase grades.


When providers commission a Mock Inspection from Swift Management, we provide a comprehensive report detailing our findings and where all the evidence can be located. Meaning on the day of a CQC inspection, the team can ensure that the inspector gets to see the correct information. When under pressure, it is easy for the staff team to miss a positive piece of evidence simply because the inspector did not request it. It is important to remember that a CQC inspection is a snapshot of the service, and as such, the more positive information they are provided, the better the report.


We are happy to discuss with any service how we can work together to ensure you are ready when an inspection takes place.