What are Care Management Services

Care Management Services can range from providing an Area Manager role for services within a small company which would not warrant a full-time area manager, this we call our retained consultancy service, and we are able to expand on our basic package as determined by the needs of the service.

We are also able to provide more extensive support as required. The Social sector is largely made up of small operators, ranging from single independent services to small businesses. Currently in England alone there are more than 7000 registered providers. Many operators want to retain their business operation or physical assets when they wish to retire or withdraw from the day to day operation of the business.

We offer a Care Management Service, whereby an operator can pass the management of the service to us whilst maintaining overall control of the business. This can be as simple as using our retained consultant service, but move upwards, to complete support. With clear performance indicators and guidelines, we can take the operations of the business over and provide financial and governance reports to demonstrate success whilst the owner remains in control of the assets. This service is very bespoke to each provider and requires considerable planning to ensure we have the correct arrangements in place.

Our typical package is based on Swift Management employing the Manager directly, we then manage the original staff team, organise marketing and back office functions, along with maintaining and improving upon standards of care. We manage all matters for the owner, including providing management accounts and governance reports. We plan realistic budgets and monitor progress hand in hand with the owner so there are no surprises.

Before we take on a service the senior team at Swift Management need to be assured that the ethos of the company fits our own. We will always put residents first and will give an honest appraisal of what we believe we need to achieve, from there we work in conjunction with the owner to establish a detailed service level agreement to provide a fully managed service.

In some situations providers have taken this service, as an alternative to closure, during the sale of a service, to ensure continuation of the operation and allowing them to withdraw whilst a sale is in progress, meaning they are selling a going concern. In these cases, we have been able to implement change plans to improve the service and business increasing value for the sale, whilst protecting the welfare and homes of the residents.