What are Managed Services and how can it help.

The Swift Management team are accustomed to managing Health and Social Care Services.  We are able to support providers in various ways.

The simplest form of Managed service we provide is our retained consultancy services, which provide an “Area Manager” function for smaller providers who could not justify employing an area manager.


The concept is particularly useful in businesses where the owner would like to time to grow the business or simply be less involved in the day to day running. Time is valuable and owners need the space to develop the business and not get to side-tracked by day to day issues. We also find those owners who do not necessarily have a healthcare background this level of support is vital.

We also offer services to those providers that simply wish to retain the business and/or the assets of the property but wish to exit the business on a day to day basis, either due to other business interests or a need to retire. We can take over the running of the service, based on a detailed project brief and service level agreement.

We provide the owner with pre agreed reports and updates, at pre-agreed time intervals. For some clients this means remote updates on their business whilst in their retirement, which means they are secure in the knowledge they have retained their building assets for the future. They do not have the day to day worries and they receive a regular income.

The advantages for the home, the residents and staff is: it is business as usual.

The agreements we can offer are both on a short or long term basis.

One of our clients found themselves in difficulty with the regulators and found the entire process very daunting. She knew she wanted to sell the business as a going concern and did not want to close it and then sell the property. We were able to negotiate with regulators and work with local authorities in the absence of the owner, who due to ill health was no longer able to work in the service. We implemented improvements, represented the home in every aspect and significantly improved the service, allowing the owner and purchaser to agree on a sensible sale, get through the registration process and the residents and staff felt safe and could see the improvements.

That provider wrote about our service: “In late May 2019 I employed the services of Swift Management Services due to an increasing number of issues within my business that despite my best efforts with the authorities/cqc and employment of previous consultants did not seem to be getting any better. I rang them one afternoon in complete desperation not knowing what to do next and the next day they arrived although previously this hadn’t been arranged they said they just wanted to help and they could hear I was so affected by the events around me.

Robert and Chris got to work straight away, tackling the lists of paperwork that I had and within a matter of days things began to look clearer. They had a firm grip of the situation often staying late and more often going above and beyond to help me and the staff who were already under immense stress, due to the imminent threat of immediate closure by CQC.

All the way through the process from their arrival to successfully selling the business I’ve found the Swift team to be extremely knowledgeable hardworking and professional and extremely realistic when it comes to the outcomes of meetings etc.  They kept me updated at every step of the way often shouldering a lot of the burden. it was in fact a huge help to me and my business.”

Our services start with a discussion, we will give you an honest appraisal of the service and how we can assist. In a changing world where Health & Social Care are, in the spotlight, support from experts can enhance a care business without the expense of a large support staff working from a head office perspective.

We also manage services on behalf when companies go into administration, until a decision can be taken or the service is sold as a going concern. This saves homes for residents and jobs for staff.