Why Care Home providers should engage the services of interim managers specifically from a health and social care consultancy.

In a world where healthcare has risen on the agenda of everyone since the pandemic the role care homes play in ensuring that there are sufficient high-quality services to meet the long-term care needs of the population cannot be underestimated. All services need to be effectively managed even when there is a gap in substantive on-site management.

This is where an interim manager can be incredibly valuable. In this blog, we will explore why care home providers should consider engaging the services of an interim manager from a health and social care consultancy such as Swift Management Services.

1.     Expertise in Health and Social Care Regulations

One of the primary reasons why care home providers should engage interim managers from a consultancy such as Swift Management is their expertise in regulation and compliance. All our interim managers are trained to support clients with complex regulatory issues. Our managers are highly knowledgeable about regulations surrounding the various sectors of the health and social care industry, and specially the care of the elderly and the needs of care homes. This means they can ensure that the care home is adhering to all relevant regulations and policies, reducing the risk of enforcement action.

2.     Quick Turnaround

Interim managers are experienced and can often start working on a project immediately, bringing an external perspective that can identify and solve problems more efficiently. Unlike permanent employees, interim managers are trained to quickly assess situations, develop solutions, and implement them in a timely manner. This can help care home providers to overcome any challenges they are facing rapidly.

3.     Flexibility

The flexibility that interim managers offer is another significant advantage to care home providers. Our managers can be hired for a specific time period which can be from as little as 2 weeks. Depending on the needs of the service they can work on a project basis, providing valuable expertise at short notice, or cover a longer period of time, when there is a vacancy that needs to be filled and the recruitment process is taking longer than is desirable. This level of flexibility means care home providers can get the support they need when they need it, without worrying about long-term commitments or having to provide employee benefits.

4.     Cost-Effective

Hiring an interim manager from Swift Management Services can be more cost effective than hiring a permanent employee. This is because interim managers work on a project basis and where it does not require long-term commitments, reducing costs such as employee benefits and salaries. Additionally, interim mangers are highly experienced and can quickly and efficiently take control of problems, meaning less time is spent on the problems solving and more time is devoted to embedding solutions.

5.     Improved reputation

Engaging an interim manager from Swift Management can improve the care home’s reputation and standards of care. Our managers bring a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge that can help to improve the quality of care provided to residents, creating a better experience for them and their families. This improved level of care can lead to positive reviews and recommendations, better ratings from regulators which are crucial for care homes in a competitive market.

In Conclusion

We would recommend that any care home provider without a substantive manager in post considers engaging an interim manager from a consultancy such as Swift Management as they are able to provide rapid access to experts in care home manager that will assist in turnaround projects or ongoing support, in a flexible way which is cost effective to the providers.

To find out more about our Interim managers and how they can help to support your services, call us on 020 8087 2072 or email info@swiftmanagement.org.uk