Working in collaboration with Swift Management Services has supported a new entrant to the care sector to become a social care provider.

Working in collaboration with Swift Management Services has support a new entrant to the care sector to become a social care provider.

social care providerThe Swift Management Team have worked with GenCare Ltd to commission a new social care facility for younger people living with a physical disability. The support has been provided from conception to registration.

It was clear from the outset that the senior management of GenCare Ltd are committed to providing high-quality facilities in what is a home from home environment. The aim has been to provide a service that helps to support independence and help young people to thrive.

Supporting younger adults with physical disabilities in the community near family and friends is vital to minimise the disruption caused by receiving respite care or when the time comes to move into long-term care. By providing a  small personal and homely environment the distress and anxiety can be reduced.

The Swift Management team has assisted throughout the project with advice, establishing systems, policies and procedures, and commissioning support, which included advice on equipment and furnishings.

The home, which currently has five beds being registered, has state-of-the-art technology to enhance the experience for residents that can be tailored to their needs.

The provider and home have recently undergone their CQC registration visit, and we are looking forward to celebrating the opening of the home with the GenCare Team shortly.

When we first met the owners, it was clear they wanted to provide a boutique care home but needed the confidence and support from the Swift Team to make their dreams a reality, and despite a few minor delays due to the building works, we have remained on course and the home is taking shape.

Using detailed action plans with live updates, we have supported the GenCare team whilst ensuring everyone understood their role in the process.

We are assisting with the recruitment process, induction and training. The registered manager is keen to open the doors with the best possible team ensuring full compliance with all CQC requirements.

The GenCare team are keen to welcome anyone to visit the home either in person or via a virtual tour; please contact:

The GenCare website can be found at

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