Mock Inspection Case Study

The Mock Inspection has long been the bread and butter of many consultancies working within the health and social care sector. Every care home wants to achieve the best possible rating when the real inspector calls.

The Swift Management Team are proud of the inspection process we use, we believe that our mock inspection process goes one step further. Why? you may ask. The Swift Management process inspects all aspects of the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) used by CQC. We detail where the evidence can be found and where it is located. We send a team to the inspection day. One of our team works with the manager to ensure that we have all the evidence it is possible, to support each KLOE. Whilst this is taking place other team members complete the physical inspection and speak with Residents, Staff and Visitors.

They not only complete the inspection but coach the staff in the best possible way to respond to questions. Sometimes it is the fear factor that makes the answer come out in an unintentional way, not a lack of knowledge or capability.

We then compile a complete report for each individual KLOE along with details of what evidence is available for each and where it is located. This can really help to reduce the managers stress on the day of the real inspection. We also provide a complete step by step service improvement plan, as transparency and plans really help move a service forward.

We are also able to provide engagement surveys for all the stakeholders, which provides external verification of the service, whether that is from Relatives, Residents or Staff. It enables a home to demonstrate involvement in the management of the service.

Recently, our team has been working with a home, which is owned an operated as a single home concern. There had been a manager in post for several years. When the manager left the service, a new manager was appointed. Whilst experienced there were several issues to be addressed from the previous CQC inspection. We had been working with the new manager and visited on a few

on several occasions to assist with the transition from a long standing manager to a new manager. We had also provided assistance with fee negotiation with the local authorities before we were asked to undertake a Mock Inspection. It was agreed with the proprietor that the inspection would be unannounced.

The inspection was carried out by two consultants that had not visited the service before, therefore there were no preconceived ideas about the service.

We completed the inspection as we have described. The manager and her team clearly provided very caring care. The residents were happy and spoke highly of the service. The manager found the exercise of locating evidence useful as some of the items we used she had not considered useful before.

Issues were identified around how things could be improved; it was not rocket science it was simply a fresh pair of eyes on the home. We also identified that the proprietor who was very involved in the service and a great support to the manager, did not consistently document her visits to the home in a way that would demonstrate to the regulators they were present and involved. We provided a form to assist with this.

Since our mock inspection, the home has achieved a “Good” overall rating with CQC. The manager said that she felt better able to provide the information requested which removed the stress on the day, the action plan assisted her to priorities the changes she needed to make and demonstrated that the home was proactively being managed through change even though the plan was not fully completed the inspector could see what was outstanding and why. She also said the staff did a wonderful job speaking with the inspectors, which really help too.