The CQC Strategy Consultation

The CQC are currently consulting on their new strategy and today have produced a draft of their vision. Providers and Managers have until the 4th of March 2021 to let their views be known. Swift Management Services would urge that partners in the sector take part in the consultation, and raise any concerns identified before the changes are implemented.  This is a real opportunity to shape the future for the sector. There are four key themes that the CQC strategy have identified:

What does this mean in practice for you?

People and Communities: You can expect the CQC strategy to focus on how people you care for are able to interact with the wider community, what they expect, and how they access services.  Consider how people know about your service, and how they are able to access it, and the wider healthcare provision. How are you ensuring access, how do you evidence this? How do people using your service shape what happens, how involved are they?

Smarter Regulation: The CQC are determined to be more flexible and dynamic in how they regulate services, with more frequent updating of ratings, smarter use of data to target inspections on what needs to be reviewed. Consider how responsive you are to change, how you meet the standards, and most importantly how you evidence this.

When did you last check your policies, not only for content, but also compliance: do your staff follow them? On-site inspections will still happen, however, the CQC strategy have a wide range of data gathering methods at their disposal, and these can reasonably be expected to be used to influence rating changes both up and down. Accuracy of data submitted to any source is key, as the data may be used by multiple agencies, not just where it was originally submitted.

Safety through learning: The pandemics have highlighted safe practice and areas in which safety needs to improve.  Safety is a top priority & you can reasonably expect the CQC to take action if services are not deemed to be safe. We wholeheartedly support this. We recommend that you keep copies of all advice received, even when conflicting, and document all decisions taken as a result. The bulletins from MHRA are a great place to start.

Accelerating Improvement:  The CQC have said that they are keen to do more to make improvements happen.  They want to see improvements in individual services, how they interact with other services, to ensure that people receive the support and care that they need. Providers are also expected to improve continuously: what was good today, will not necessarily be good tomorrow. The CQC are in a unique position to assist but need people to identify what the blockages to improvement are.

Please take a few minutes to respond to the CQC draft consultation using this link: 

The team at Swift Management Services are able to assist providers to prepare for this new approach. Our services including Mock inspection, Engagement Surveys, and Service Improvement plans which all assist a provider to demonstrate transparency, compliance, and that where there are issues, they are being addressed. Much of the work we do can be done remotely and where a provider wishes for a visit to take place our staff will have a recent negative test and appropriate PPE.

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