When things go wrong it is easy to blame the staff.

The Swift Management Team are frequently asked to support registered services when things have gone wrong, and the regulators have concerns. Often when this happens, we find there is a real disconnect between the management and the staff with each group blaming the other. In many cases the staff feel the only way to effect change is to speak to the regulators at an inspection to get their voice heard. This can sometimes have a dramatic effect on inspection reports and ratings awarded.

We appreciate in an industry where staff work hard for what is a low salary, tensions can be high. Listening to staff can really help bring about sustainable change and improve morale. When an inspection report is not what the management and staff would want, it is usually when things are not right at every level.

Mock Inspections and Staff and Client engagement surveys can really help. It is also a useful way of demonstrating that as a team people are willing to change. Using a “You Said We Did” approach after considering what has been said is a really good way of getting staff and management together. It can also go a long way in demonstrating good governance.

Involving service users in the development of a service is something regulators look out for and what better way to demonstrate this than using a “You Said We Did” approach.

The team at Swift Management can carry out Mock inspections, carry out benchmarked surveys and support a change programme. Even in well run services, knowing what your clients and staff really think can help.

Our team building events, which we undertake on a bespoke basis, can also go a long way to helping a team understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Saying ahead of the competitors is key when staff can pick where they work and everywhere is looking for staff.

By investing time and resources into the team, the development of the service can enhance regulator ratings and increase client satisfaction. We can offer any regulated services a 360 degree review of the service on either a long or short term basis.

We appreciate that better pay may help to improve staff morale, everyone likes a pay rise, it isn’t always about money and small changes can make all the difference.